Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Challenges of Web Services Test Automation Framework

With the web expanding and evolving at a faster pace, web services are getting more and more usable, public and complex. The most used connection technology for these web services is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA is the gathering of few services that communicate with each other either in the coordination of two or more services or in data transfer.

Web services provide a standardized means for integrating web-based applications running on diverse frameworks and platforms using XML, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), and UDDI open standards over an internet protocol. 

In general, a web service is provided by an electronic device to another same device with World Wide Web as a communicating media. And the primary elements of these services offer genuine service and messaging. As more of the web services are dispersed over various applications and networks, they must undergo testing to get rid of additional risks in the areas of integration and interoperability. However, to reduce overall testing efforts, we can go for Automation Web Services Testing

Challenges faced by web services 

·         Be devoid of trustworthiness and guarantee

·         Inappropriate delivery of client’s input parameters

·         Chances of manipulating the different parameters by Malevolent users to draw or use unauthorized information

·         Absence of source code is a key challenge to white-box testing

·         Web Services Testing Tasks

·         Define the inputs and goals of testing

·         Find which functionality of the service to be tested

·         Develop the client or skeleton code

·         Prepare the collected data for testing

·         Check whether the actual outcome is parallel to that of the expected one

Testing tools of web services 

Testing tools of web services such as ManageEngine, QEngine, SoapUI, TestMaker, WebInject toolsets etc. are built on open source tools/libraries/frameworks and so help in reduction of overall costs, initial coding efforts and enhance the automation efficiency. All these play a key role in creating and execution of automated functional, compliance, loading as well as the regression tests.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Impact of Mobile Application Development In Transforming The Business Performance

Just imagine a day without mobile in your hand. Highly impossible, right? Yes, from past few years the impact of mobile applications and its development has been high on many businesses especially on e-commerce and is also expected to be more dominant in the coming years. It is predicated that the usage of mobile data and apps will increase by 90% in the next few years. This advent of smartphones and growing progress in usage of internet in the mobile phones has made many businesses to adopt for current changes that affects companies’ performance specifically in the development of mobile web.

Most buyers today are on-the-go and are busy with their hectic schedules, so aspires to access the things they require with just a single tap on their mobile phones. This eventually made mobile application development companies to face a stiff pressure of putting full efforts for developing a mobile application that cater to the different needs of a user and give an exciting experience.

For your reference, here is the succinct accumulation of the hot sensations that will have a great impact on Mobile Application Development programs.

Mobile Application Development

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid app is a web application built by using JavaScript and HTML5 and wrapped in a container to load lots of information as the user navigates the pages. And the demand for this application is expanding immensely on the online shopping side. Entrepreneurs who wish to market their products or services in less than six months can better opt for this alternative as it is built in one source code and requires very less time for development compared to the native applications.

iBeacon with GPS Technology

This new innovation has been put forth to obscure the difference among both the online as well as the offline modes. We have already come across the new offline mode of YouTube this years. iOS gadgets along with the android phones already had this innovation. As per the sources this new update has benefited many of retail and travel firms like Uber.

Cloud Computing

With the growing demand for cloud services, developers are very keen to make good use of cloud based applications to meet the basic requirements of a user and help them coordinate and match up versatile applications to different gadgets. Also, helps in the empowering of advancements like AL, LoT and advanced wearables for different functionalities.

Proper Navigation

Whenever we talk about mobile applications, they have to be very easy to install and efficient to use. Else, unfriendly navigation can make potential users to uninstall the app and improve your app bounce rate. So always target for providing better user experiences to enhance new business opportunities.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Augmented reality applications are one amongst many trends we can see today. AR which creates a new virtual world with the combination of real world as well as the reality has already shaken gaming world with Pokemon GO, a widely popular mobile game. And with the addition of wearable into the virtual world, AR tools can create a magic by making them used effectively not only in gaming sector but also in other sectors like retail shopping, restaurant business, automobile industry and more.

For more information on current mobile application development and its impact on the businesses, please  feel free to get in touch with us @

Monday, November 14, 2016

Accelerate your business performance with the full spectrum of Testing Services from Etisbew

In today’s fast-paced technological world to stay at par with the evolving market standards, it’s imperative for every entrepreneur to maintain high-quality and result-oriented testing competence. Etisbew, one of the emerging forerunners of this domain provides superior Automated, Cloud, ERP, Ecommerce and Web Application Performance Testing Services for our clients never-ending hunt of quality guarantee.

It’s a well-known fact that evolution in technology, increasing complexity of software architecture of internet-based applications, development and operations, mobility and customer centricity has had an enormous impact on traditional way of testing to automate every feature for the constant and on-time delivery in the development environment. And obtaining testing services from experts is important to purify every insight of application for better usability of application or product.

Quality assurance and Software Testing Services

Quality assurance and software testing refers to as the major process of monitoring and authenticating services provided by a respective firm to make sure that it meets the needs of the prospective clients and users.

No doubt, development of a new application or software is a crucial stage, but is incomplete without letting it go through the quality assurance testing stage. Though quality assurance may not give perfect confirmation on production process, it plays an important role in enhancing the customer satisfaction by examining the products and software services perfectly.

The Quality assurance or testing team of any organization mainly concentrates on two things. At first, on their products or services and next on determining the existing market requirements and act accordingly to grab the attention of new users. Many QA exerts invest lot of money, spend more time and put efforts in maintaining the quality, but will forget the fact that they are delaying the whole process. Hence the support of experts is must to get through the process.

Maintaining the quality of software’s is a challenge and our experts rise to it by helping you find the best of the breed testing solutions at affordable price as per your requirements. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Salesforce Support Service Cloud System - The Best Customer Support System Ever

Is there any possibility of running a business from anywhere at anytime without making use of any system or a software? Yes, it is, and the whole credit goes to the new innovation known as cloud. Today, this advanced technology has already taken up a good shape and the world today is benefiting a lot from it.

Isn’t your business not one amongst many benefiting from Salesforce Support & Maintenance Services? If your answer is no, you are a right place to understand its solutions and vast utility. 

Use Salesforce Cloud service to Streamline Business Processes

In today’s modern era, maintaining an appropriate customer support system is quite important for any firm, as supporting a customer in resolving their concerns is always a priory for every business. As it is what that makes a customer to be loyal and aid an organization in enhancing their sales to a great extent. 

Usually businesses invest in recruiting the support team or telecallers to solve the issues of a customers. But customers always look forward to hear quick response from the support team, and there are chances of lowering your company reputation due to the inability of your telecallers to answer to user queries swiftly. This is where the Salesforce support service comes in. 

Salesforce, a revolutionary platform in today’s era is being integrated brilliantly with diverse search engines and networks so as to offer its clients with the right answers at a right time. Its shows how customer service and social media interactions to be operated effectively. 

·         Track how competitors are performing

·         Forecast the growth and decline of the business

·         Outline customer needs

·         Maintain existing and prospective customers properly

·         Help in maintaining enhanced end-to-end customer relationship management

·         Reduce the time required to manage greater leads

·         Track the performance of a business without any hassles and many others

Wish to know more about Salesforce services and provide top-notch customer support to satisfy your existing customers and grab the attention of new ones? Contact our highly experienced developers and Salesforce experts today who support you in enhancing your business performance with Salesforce.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Top iPhone Apps to Boost Business Performance

With the launch of iPhone, the craze for mobile applications has gone through a paradigm change. Out of many, Apple is one of the successful manufacturers of iPhones.

Today, enhancement in mobile technology has made more and more business professionals to focus on core marketing strategies to reach an umpteen number of audience.

Do you own a business? Wish to promote your products and services? Then you might be interested in these iPhone business apps that boost your business performance.


Ever tried to move important files back and forth between two or more computers. Though there are many options in the cloud, Dropbox is the best app to upload and download files as well as to view, share entire links or sub directories with coworkers.


One of the most important applications that cannot be found in the Windows phones. It's a perfect app to upload around 25MB of notes each time. Also, can be used for sharing the notes between the platforms.

Documents to go

This is one of the best iPhone Enterprise Applications that is used for creation and editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Its two versions support you to create and transfer the files from your system by synchronizing with a specially designated folder.


Though we have many handy devices, there are times when we require the functionality of our personal Computer. Individuals who aspire to touch their computer from fat at times can use this great application. It helps to transfer files and print the remote files.

Adobe Reader

Having a dedicated PDF reader in our handy device can be much helpful to read, comment or make few edits on PDFs. One can also enjoy the ability to export documents into various formats.


Are you moving around in the world? Unable to remember your completed and further tasks to be undertaken? Geetasks is the right answer for your queries. It supports you to keep all your Google tasks in order, mark them complete, create a new one and quickly work on them when required.


One of the best app to scan receipts in minutes, keep track of the expenses, and then export the results to an excel files to sync and go.

Apart from the above listed, there are many other great iPhone apps for business users such as Scanner Pro, FTP on the Go, pTerm, TripIt, Graphing Calculator, iBlogger, myStarbucks and many.

Friday, July 8, 2016

UX/UI Designing Services - For Successful Business Growth Online

Today, the creation of an eye-catchy website is the inherent part of any organization’s marketing strategy. If it is not done so, a website owner may not be able to get more advertisements to his/her business. With the increase in the number of websites and count of individuals accessing the apps on the phone, the need for website designers who can develop catchy and visually rich websites is also growing day by day.

UI- User Interface Design

One of the major parts of designing a website is the creation of attractive and functional user interface design.

User interface design

It is a part of a program that helps a user to interact easily with the system. The easier and the better the interaction, the more the returns from a user that we can expect. Hence, a well-designed user interface plays a vital role in making the product or website function more optimally and enhance the experience of a user.

User interface designers are concerned mainly about how the product is being laid, which means they focus primarily on designing of each page or screen where a user interacts more. Also, are responsible for documentation which permits other users to maintain their codes. Here the output of UI developers will be testable, functional and shippable that lets a user accomplish their targets quickly while accessing an application.

User experience design

UX designers are primarily responsible for letting us know the status of a product in the market. They are concerned mainly about how the product is logically flowing from one step to another.

Looking forward for any UX/UI Designing Services? You can contact our professionals today.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Peoplesoft Human Capital Management – An Enterprise Software In Booming Business

Peoplesoft Human Capital Management is a core enterprise software for managing strategic and administrative processes those related to organization’s most critical assets. Major functionalities of a HR comprises of tracking multitudinous data on each employee such as personal information, skills, work experience, capabilities, remuneration records and many others.

And to reduce the workloads of HR professionals PeopleSoft human capital management has come up with some applications that enable you to proactively manage all your HR operations and focus more on the strategic business initiatives.

Its all about keeping pace of unique business challenges to that of software strengths and improving business performance by minimizing risk, cost, disruption and time-to-value. Human resource management software of Peoplesoft provides robust set of resource functionalities to enterprises to accelerate business performance, increase productivity and lower the cost of ownership.

Compelling and prompt management of human capital consulting services is quite complex, but is simple for human resource professionals like Etisbew group.

Peoplesoft Absence Management System

For every competitive business firm, there is a need of reliable Peoplesoft Absence Management System so as to determine the payment of absences, accruals and forecast eligibility for the present, past and future. And PeopleSoft Enterprise Absence Management provides integrated and highly configurable solutions for all global absence management requirements.

In fact, this is designed to permit business professionals plan and manage their absence events in a most effective manner within a configurable rules-based apps. A single global instance designed for absence related information helps in analyzing the impact of absence of accurately and also to identify the absence trends more effectively.

For more information you can contact our professionals today.


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