Friday, March 17, 2017

Impact of Mobile Application Development In Transforming The Business Performance

Just imagine a day without mobile in your hand. Highly impossible, right? Yes, from past few years the impact of mobile applications and its development has been high on many businesses especially on e-commerce and is also expected to be more dominant in the coming years. It is predicated that the usage of mobile data and apps will increase by 90% in the next few years. This advent of smartphones and growing progress in usage of internet in the mobile phones has made many businesses to adopt for current changes that affects companies’ performance specifically in the development of mobile web.

Most buyers today are on-the-go and are busy with their hectic schedules, so aspires to access the things they require with just a single tap on their mobile phones. This eventually made mobile application development companies to face a stiff pressure of putting full efforts for developing a mobile application that cater to the different needs of a user and give an exciting experience.

For your reference, here is the succinct accumulation of the hot sensations that will have a great impact on Mobile Application Development programs.

Mobile Application Development

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid app is a web application built by using JavaScript and HTML5 and wrapped in a container to load lots of information as the user navigates the pages. And the demand for this application is expanding immensely on the online shopping side. Entrepreneurs who wish to market their products or services in less than six months can better opt for this alternative as it is built in one source code and requires very less time for development compared to the native applications.

iBeacon with GPS Technology

This new innovation has been put forth to obscure the difference among both the online as well as the offline modes. We have already come across the new offline mode of YouTube this years. iOS gadgets along with the android phones already had this innovation. As per the sources this new update has benefited many of retail and travel firms like Uber.

Cloud Computing

With the growing demand for cloud services, developers are very keen to make good use of cloud based applications to meet the basic requirements of a user and help them coordinate and match up versatile applications to different gadgets. Also, helps in the empowering of advancements like AL, LoT and advanced wearables for different functionalities.

Proper Navigation

Whenever we talk about mobile applications, they have to be very easy to install and efficient to use. Else, unfriendly navigation can make potential users to uninstall the app and improve your app bounce rate. So always target for providing better user experiences to enhance new business opportunities.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Augmented reality applications are one amongst many trends we can see today. AR which creates a new virtual world with the combination of real world as well as the reality has already shaken gaming world with Pokemon GO, a widely popular mobile game. And with the addition of wearable into the virtual world, AR tools can create a magic by making them used effectively not only in gaming sector but also in other sectors like retail shopping, restaurant business, automobile industry and more.

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