Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Top iPhone Apps to Boost Business Performance

With the launch of iPhone, the craze for mobile applications has gone through a paradigm change. Out of many, Apple is one of the successful manufacturers of iPhones.

Today, enhancement in mobile technology has made more and more business professionals to focus on core marketing strategies to reach an umpteen number of audience.

Do you own a business? Wish to promote your products and services? Then you might be interested in these iPhone business apps that boost your business performance.


Ever tried to move important files back and forth between two or more computers. Though there are many options in the cloud, Dropbox is the best app to upload and download files as well as to view, share entire links or sub directories with coworkers.


One of the most important applications that cannot be found in the Windows phones. It's a perfect app to upload around 25MB of notes each time. Also, can be used for sharing the notes between the platforms.

Documents to go

This is one of the best iPhone Enterprise Applications that is used for creation and editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Its two versions support you to create and transfer the files from your system by synchronizing with a specially designated folder.


Though we have many handy devices, there are times when we require the functionality of our personal Computer. Individuals who aspire to touch their computer from fat at times can use this great application. It helps to transfer files and print the remote files.

Adobe Reader

Having a dedicated PDF reader in our handy device can be much helpful to read, comment or make few edits on PDFs. One can also enjoy the ability to export documents into various formats.


Are you moving around in the world? Unable to remember your completed and further tasks to be undertaken? Geetasks is the right answer for your queries. It supports you to keep all your Google tasks in order, mark them complete, create a new one and quickly work on them when required.


One of the best app to scan receipts in minutes, keep track of the expenses, and then export the results to an excel files to sync and go.

Apart from the above listed, there are many other great iPhone apps for business users such as Scanner Pro, FTP on the Go, pTerm, TripIt, Graphing Calculator, iBlogger, myStarbucks and many.

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